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Seviyan (Sweet Vermicelli)


Vermicelli Noodles (Seviyan) –  ½ Cup
Milk – 3 Cups
Sugar as per taste
Green cardamom powder (Chhoti elaichi) – ½tsp
Raisins (Kishmish) – 2-3 tbsps
Almonds, sliced – 2-3 tbsps


  • Break seviyan.
  • Heat ghee in a kadhai. Add seviyan and fry until it is slight brown. Constantly stir it to ensure even browning.
  • Fry dry fruits (Optional).
  • Boil milk.
  • Add green cardamom powder.
  • Add fried seviyan.
  • Cook till seviyan become soft.
  • Add dry fruits
  • Add sugar.
  • Garnish with sliced almonds.

Serves/makes : 2-3

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