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Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)



Carrots (Gajar) – 250 gm
Milk – 1 liter
Green cardamom powder (chhoti elaichi) – 2-3 pinches
Sugar – 6 tbsps or as per taste
Dry fruits of your choice


  • Peel, wash and grate carrots.
  • Boil milk until it is reduced to half of its volume. Add grated carrots into the milk.
  • Stir in between to ensure that milk does not stick in the bottom or on the sides of the vessel.
  • Add sugar and cook halwa till sugar has dissolved and all milk has been absorbed by carrots.
  • Heat ghee in a non stick pan and stir fry halwa till it leaves the sides of pan.
  • Add green cardamom powder and garnish halwa with dry fruits.

Serves: 1-2



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  1. Raisins go so well with it so try topping it with generous quantity of dried grapes 3 minutes before you take it off the flame….thanks for sharing…

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