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Bharwa Baingan (Stuffed Eggplant / Brinjal)

Bharwa Baingan is one of my favorite baingan (eggplant) dishes. It is fast and easy to cook and tastes good and it is even enjoyed by people who hate regular eggplant preparations. While there could be more healthier ways of cooking it with less oil using a microwave, I prefer to cook it in the conventional  ‘desi’ way.


Baingan (Eggplant / Brinjal) – smallest size that you can get hold of: 6-8 nos.
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp or according to taste
Turmeric (Haldi) – 1/4 tsp or optional
Coriander (Dhania) powder – 2 tbsp
Garam masala – 2-3, pinches
Cumeen (Jeera) powder – 2 tbsp
Mango (Amchur) powder /khatai – 1 tbsp
Salt – as per taste

Quantity that I have specified is approximate, proportion is that is important and after mixing them all together I taste a pinch to make sure it is as desired. Usually I end up adding more amchur and adjust salt and red chilli to make it a bit spicy. Add a bit more salt than you think feels normal, because the stuffing is what gives the entire baingan its taste.


  • Mix all the ingredients mentioned above to prepare the fillings and adjust the quantities to suit your taste. Usually the filling I prepare tend to be spicy and a bit sour too. I feel that the filling should have a sharp taste else it won’t overpower the rather bland taste of eggplant.
  • Wash and wipe all the eggplants dry, it is important to have it dry when you put it in pan to avoid spluttering.
  • Partially split all eggplants by making cuts in the shape of + by starting from the bottom. Don’t go all the way to top, the idea is to keep the eggplant shape intact and create space for stuffing the spice mixture that you prepared earlier.
  • Now stuff the spice mixture in the partially split eggplant, some people wrap a cotton thread around the eggplant to prevent the filling to splutter out, but it turns out perfectly fine even otherwise.
  • Heat some oil in a frying pan, it should be sufficient to create a thin layer in the entire pan, if the pan is not non-stick you might need to add more oil. Shallow fry the stuffed eggplants on medium low flame keeping it covered by lid at all times. Make sure you turn the eggplants to its side from time to time.
  • When the skin becomes crispy it implies that the stuffed eggplant is ready.
  • Take it off the frying pan and put it on a tissue paper to drain off the extra oil. It is usually served as a side dish.


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